pointer Discipline and Rules Committee (D&R)

D&R is a volunteer position comprised of team managers and players. D&R’s role and responsibility is to enforce SUASL’s rules. As a member of USSF (United States Soccer Federation), SUASL follows FIFA’s rules and has adopted its own league governing rules to administer the adult amateur program. Team managers participated in the creation and revisions for all SUASL’s major rules, which are reviewed at SUASL’s preseason team manager’s meetings.

D&R Process

D&R reviews send off-reports (red cards), on Wednesday evenings. To find out about player suspensions or any other disciplinary actions go to front page and click on SUASL BAD BOYS.

All red cards require a one game suspension automatic, mandatory 1 game suspension and a fine. No need to meet with D&R for standard red cards. There is no appeal for referee decisions on a standard red card. to schedule a hearing.

Suspended players will be noted on the team’s roster, if a team plays with a suspended player the game will be forfeited and additional suspensions, expulsions and fines may apply according to SUASL’s rules.

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